About CyberSOFT Computer Services

About CyberSOFt computer services


I started my ten-year with computers when I was about 13, learning the basics of how computers operated, how they stored information on the disk.   

I quickly learned these basics and moved on to programming techniques with the BASIC computer language using my fathers' college text books as a guide. I became intrigued with manually coding sound sequences which were combined with early digital drawing sequences.

I then moved on to Batch level programming for DOS. Learning advanced techniques that allow a computer user to select different options and parameters during boot up to minimize the memory footprint or load a different operating environment all together.  I also started teaching myself the C++ language for more flexibility and power over the computer.  Once component prices for computers started coming down, I enjoyed upgrading my own computers as well as those of friends and family, which enhanced my technical abilities greatly.

After middle school, I worked at a fast food restaurant. Where my younger brother and I were among the fastest trainees in the eastern district to be promoted to shift supervisors. I was promoted shortly thereafter to an Assistant Manager and helped train the crews and setup stores for new locations from Vero Beach to Pompano Beach. During this period, I was also responsible for creating and maintaining stock levels for products.


When I went Keiser college, I earned the nickname: the Batch King, because many of the sequences we were taught were not completely configured and required minor modifications. These work arounds I found were posted on the board so every one could benefit. During this period I upgraded my BASIC language skills to Visual Basic and applied them to then relatively new Microsoft Access Database application.


After graduating, I got a job as the Operations Manager with a RugDoctor Licensee of Palm Beach.  Here I implemented and provided support for their hand held computers being used by the route people. I was responsible for many modifications in Rug Doctor Corporate's Office System which facilitated the easy upload of the invoices, generated daily, from districts and licensees to the corporate head quarters. This change was used world wide.


During this time, I enhanced my knowledge of databases and started learning to design websites as well as teaching myself Microsoft Excel and spreadsheet programming and mail merges using Microsoft Word.  I started writing databases for the local licensee which branched out to customers including a Salt Delivery Database Program for a hardware store in Jupiter Florida because their current software was snagged by the Y2k bug. It currently features a multi-user interface and a relational invoice oriented database. This software is up to version 2.

This hardware store has called on me many times to repair and maintain their computers because of my philosophy: "Fix it so that I dont have to fix it again." So their computers have been running among the longest without problems because they allowed me the latitude to make sure their computers were setup properly.  No your computer is not setup properly, even if you just bought it, unless I adjusted it first.


The licensee I was working for, was forced to sell his area back to RugDoctor. So learning and building websites and various search engine optimization techniques were the flavor of the week for about a year. Learning how to create attractive and informative layouts for many popular websites including craigslist, Kijiji and ebay.  Making sure that our products were in the top 10 on google search results was my goal. And the results worked so well that most of our listings were on the top 5 found on google, much to our competitors dismay.  Our sales went from $85k a year to 50k a month!


I started writing a database for a Tax professional in Texas in November of 2009.  This multi-user application contains a complex relational database at its heart and contains over 15,000 lines of code. A close first hand inspection of their paperwork process allowed its integration to be with only a few bumps in their routine. Positive comments were made regarding the speed of entry versus their older method.  In addition to saving the errors that come from typos and transposing of numbers, this software has saved them more than it has cost in labor and fees from mistakes alone.
This software is currently is up to version 3.


In March, I was contacted by a Restaurant owner in Katy, Texas to make some modifications to their website.  The person they had build it originally lived in India and could not be located to make the changes so they called me.  Their newly redesigned website (http://www.NikkoSushiGrill.com) now features an HTML standard compliant interface that mimics many of the same features their original flash website did but with many added benefits. Because their is a database driving these websites, they will be able to update menu offers, specials and prices quickly and easily. This has the added benefit of being able to mail merge this data into an updated printed menu without the expense of having a printer shop make them.  The engine that drives this website is also going drive their new restaurant endeavor (http://www.KatyCajun.com).  With the same database at its heart, it will make things very easy for them because they will not have to learn a new interface just because the food is different.


In the middle of 2011, I was able to pickup an electronic cutting machine to use in some of my intricate cut designs, primarily for creating CD covers in my own personal projects. Fine tuning my skill with the cutting software allowed me to use it to cut vinyl lettering and much more. Again, starting out using it for myself and some friends an when my skill was perfected, it is now a service I offer for your benefit.

My latest endeavor is using the same vinyl that I use to create product labels for some of my customers. When I combine the standard inkjet material with the car wrap clear, it allows me to create wraps for virtually every type of gadget imaginable: Cell phones, with and without covers, tablets, laptops, mp3/4 players and more. Peruse my site to see some of the completed designs.